Babies and Beer?

People ask me all the time if Nick and I want kids. I guess it’s our age (Nick’s almost 32 and I’m 29) and the fact we’re married makes us good contestants for these kind of questions. But the truth is, I have two kids already. Their names are The Porter and The Stand. How is a restaurant like a child you ask? Well when they’re new, they need a lot more attention than when they get older. You can’t leave them alone for too long when they’re young or the babysitters (managers) run amok. They call you at all hours of the night and morning and wake you up, like  a crying child. Even when you are desperate for a day off, that’s the day the POS system will go down. Don’t get me wrong, being a restaurateur is incredibly fulfilling, I am so proud when someone comes up to me and tell me they love one of our restaurants. But sometimes you have to stay big picture to find that joy, when the details are eating you alive, or all you want is to make it through the week without another disaster. So the answer to the question “Do you want kids?” is no thank you, I have enough!

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