December Happenings!

No matter how you feel about the Holidays (Nick hates them, I love them!) they are all consuming every year. I’m sure it’s even worse for retailers, but for bar owners the holidays absorb a lot of focus as well.

First there’s decorating, I think it’s fine to look festive, but I draw the line at Christmas music, which I love, but I understand how it can wear on you. It’s one thing to enjoy the holiday season, it’s another to shove it down everyone’s throat.

Second, there’s the change in business. We are fairly busy the week before Christmas, but the week between Christmas and New Years is absolute maddness! Everyone is off, or even if they are working, they are knocking off early to have a beer! So every night is like a weekend night! It’s terribly fun for all.

Finally, we close early Christmas Eve (we learned the hard way, there’s no business to be had that night) and then open late on Christmas Day. Last year we opened at 6pm, but had no customers until 8:30pm so we played Cards Against Humanity until we had customers. This year we’ll open at 7pm, to cut down on the boredom! New Years Eve is slow for us, but we stay open and New Years Day brunch is busy, but not crazy. We don’t go on wait so it’s still perfect for families and big parties.

In addition to all this holiday-ness, we have some fun events coming up!

This week, we have an oak aged Yeti Firkin, we will tap at 6pm, Dec 2nd

Next Week on Tuesday Dec 6th,  at 6pm we are participating in the The Glass that Gives with New Belgium. Drink vintage 2 below or Snow Day and keep the cool glove glass 1$ from every sale goes to the Atlanta Food Bank!

Thursday, December 8th, Hofstetten is taking over our taps, with 6 amazing Austrian beers!

Friday, Dec 16th We will tap a dry hopped Dale’s Pale Ale firkin at 6pm!

We have Christmas vs. Hannukah Beer night! Wednesday December 21st, 15 different He’Brew Beers and a multitude of Christmas Beers will battle it out! We will have flights available all night, so come by anytime!

Finally, in honor of Boxing Day, we have a British Beer takeover, with some amazing stuff from JW Lees and Thornbridge! December 26th at 6pm!

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