Hop Slam Obsession, much?

Don’t get me wrong, Hop Slam is a great beer. It comes out once a year and is made by Bell’s in Kalamazoo, Michigan. It’s dry hopped with Simcoe and finished with tupelo honey and it’s truly delicious. But due to it’s rarity in Georgia, it has become a beer folks are absolutely rabid for! We got our bottle delivery of Hop Slam in this Monday and we had customers so eager to drink it, that one guy actually drank it warm! We are supposed to get our keg delivery next Monday, so I assume the hordes will swarm again. I wonder though, if people would be so obsessed, if it was available year round. My guess is not, human nature is we want what we can’t have. but we got 10 cases this year, so you can have your Hop Slam and drink it too! (at least until we run out!)



PS Hop Slam does not age well, so if you stock up at Ale Yeah or Hop City, please drink up!

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