Fall is coming…..

Fall is my favorite time of year. For most people it’s the beautiful leaves, the fabulous weather, back to school, for me it’s more complicated. As a child I loved the idea that fall was the year getting older, aging, the beginning of winter death. I was a dark little kid. Now  fall ushers in the official beginning of beer season.  Fall that inspires people to treat themselves to something delicious and amber or darker, moving towards a stout, for that first crisp night. (Maybe it’s not the season, but the fact it will be another 9 months before anyone has to wear a swimsuit again.) Fall foods go so well with beer (duck, wild mushrooms, root vegetables) and ciders are perfect along with those spiced pumpkin beers…. yum I’m salivating just thinking of Weyerbacher Pumpkin and JK Scrumpy on a cool fall afternoon.

Fall also brings Little Five Points Halloween Festival (this year a different weekend from Decatur Beer Fest, finally!) along with the Porter’s 3 year anniversary and thus Nick and I’s 3 year anniversary. In case you don’t remember the story, we got married in October, after opening The Porter (yes we are crazy). It seems like it’s been longer. I can’t even remember what it was like to have a boss. Which is good, I was a terrible employee. But back to fall which seems so faraway as we face another 97 degree day. But it’s coming, I swear, fall will be here before we know it!

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