Sunday Morning Beer?

There has been a lot of fuss recently about getting the Sunday Alcohol Sales Law changed, so we can all buy beer on Sunday from our local store (AleYeah, Hop City, Green’s) But I want to know what about the law that prevents bars from serving alcohol before 12:30pm on Sunday? What about us folks who want to or NEED to drink before 12:30 and cleaned out our home stash on Saturday night? That’s the law I’d like to see changed, along with the fact in Fulton county we can’t serve past midnight on Sunday. That only leaves me with 11.5 hours to drink on Sunday! Oh the injustice! As usual I have no suggestions of how to organize to fix these issues, I’ll leave that to the sober and un-hungover non-drinkers, which means the laws will probably stay the same, until City of Atlanta sells out to AB and allows them to start making alcohol laws. HA!

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