The Original Eleven

So we are coming up on our 3 year anniversary this weekend and I would like to take the time to reflect on the 11 staff members who are still with us and have been since day one. Seven bartenders/servers, one manager and three cooks. With a staff of 35-38, 11 folks is around 30% of our staff. When I look at our accomplishments in 3 years (Rated #3 on, World Class on Beer Advocate, Top 100 Placed to drink by Imbibe, Top 150 beer bars by Draft Magazine) I am most proud of these eleven staff members.

What does it mean that 30% of our staff has stayed with us? It means our regulars always have a familiar face in the crowd. It means new employees can easily absorb our culture of pride in our work and generosity towards customers. It means stability for the restaurant and honestly, it means my job is made much, much easier. Training at The Porter is never ending even without new employees. There are always new beers and new specials to learn. We are constantly expanding and changing our beer list and with that come constant new challenges. Can you imagine how hard it would be if we had to train a new server every month?

This June, we celebrated another milestone, we had gone a year without hiring a new server. It was fabulous! So please come out on Saturday, September 10th and help us celebrate our 3 years and our original 11!


P.S. There is also be some amazing mind blowing beer on draft, in case you’re interested.

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