When is Beer Gone Bad?

This is a funny question, because I beleive it’s entirely up to you! But you can follow a few easy rules for determining if a beer is “baaad to the bone.”

1. Is the beer drinking the way the brewer intended it?

This is how we answered whether or not our firkin was bad last Friday. It was sour, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it’s supposed to be a British brown, the brewer definitely didn’t intend to make a sour beer.

2. Does it taste bad to you?

Overly funky, overly sour are good indicators that beer is gone wrong.

3.  Is it flat, or is there mold around the cork or cap?

Again, not necessarily bad on their own, but combined with one of the above factors and you defintely have yourself a bad beer!

Finally, please note we had a close friend accidently purchase a bottle of vinegar in Belgium that said 5% alcohol on the bottle and he drank it thinking it was the sourest beer on earth! It did not kill him, nor will most bad beers. So if you’re cool with it, you should drink it!

(But of course, if you’re at the Porter and you think you got a funky bottle, let us know so we can check our stock and get you another beer!)


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