Where the Wild Beers Are!

“Where the Wild Beers Are” is our January tradition. Every Friday in January we have a tap takeover with a theme. At least one week is WILD beers! Wilds beers are made with wild yeasts and are funky, sour and saison-y. This year we are kicking off with two fridays Jan 3rd & Jan 10th with Wild Beers!
Jan 17th is Terrapin vs. Yeti. Favorites like Terrapin White Chocolate Yoo Hoo and Cinnamon Roll WakenBake will go up against amazing Yetis like Chocolate Yeti, Oak Aged Yeti and Espresso Yeti.
Jan 24th will be an IPA themed tap takeover, so hopheads unite!
Below is our line-up for Jan 3rd:
St. Louis Gueze Fond Tradition 2012 Belgium 8oz/ 5% $6.00
sour and tart with green apple and vinegar
Timmerman’s Pumpkin Belgium 8oz/4% $6.25
tart lambic, dry pumpkin flavor, subtle brown sugar, festive and unique
Hitachino Sour Anbai Japan 8oz/7% $6.50
Anbai means salty plum and that exactly what you get in this lightly tart, wheat beer
Anderson Valley Gose California 8oz/4.8% $
Salty, orange, coriander, lovely tartness brings this Gose to life
Bruery Oude Tart California 8oz/7.5% $8.25
oak, sour plum, vanilla, tart red wine flavors
New Holland Incorrigible Michigan 16oz/4.9% $6.50
Berlinner weisse, sour grapes, apple cider cinegar, funk and must, oak
Abbaye de Bon Chien Zymatore Switzerland 8oz/11% $8.00
Semi-sweet with an acidic, vinegar-like twang, funky with a dry and oaky finish; moderately sour with a touch of alcohol warmth
Rodenbach Grand Cru Belgium 8oz/6% $7.00
Sour with sharp acetic notes, dark sour cherries followed by light sweet malt, red wine oaky tannins
Wild Beer Co. Bliss England 8oz/6% $6.00
Dark saison w/ roasted fruit, apricot and yeasty funk
Ichtegem Grand Cru Belgium 8oz/6.5% $6.50
surprisingly moderate tart cherry and oak character, caramel and candy sugar backbone
Bruery Tart of Darkness California 8oz/5.6% $8.50
sour cherry and apple, dark roasted malts, oak and balsamic vinegar notes

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