Zymatore Series Comes to The Porter

This Friday we will tap 6 amazing Zymatore series kegs. These are beers from all over the world, imported by B. United and then barrel aged in an assortment of barrels!

Here are the names and descriptions of the rarities we will have on tap for the last Where the Wild Beers Are in 2013!

Qhilika Dry Mead Zymatore Aged in Merlot Barrels    4oz/%                   $4.75

Appearance: A deep yellow with a pinkish hue.
Aroma: Some acidity and tannins mingled with sweetness and honey.
Flavor: Notes of honey, citrus & flowers balanced by a beautiful acidity. A nice tannic structure from the wine barrel really balances out the mead.

Harviestoun Schiehallion Zymatore         England      8oz/%                   $6.00

Appearance: Hazy deep yellow in color with a nice white head.
Aroma: A touch of bourbon, some woodiness as well as some sourness.
Flavor: It is not too heavily influenced by the bourbon. Just a touch of it balanced out by some tartness. Quite refreshing.

Harviestoun Bitter n’ Twisted Zymatore England       8oz/%                   $6.00

Appearance: Hazy light orange in color.
Aroma: Juniper, citrus, orange peel and gin.
Flavor: Floral / herbal / plant like notes mixed with the juniper and a touch of hop & gin bitterness in the finish. It is nice a dry.

Hitachino Commemorative Zymatore      Japan         8oz/%                   $8.25

Hitachino Nest Commemorative Ale aged in CA Zinfandel barrels ( 1 Leonhardt Vineyards & 1 Todd Brothers Ranch )

Appearance: Hazy amber / reddish brown with an off white head the fades quickly.

Aroma: Earthy red grapes, with strawberries, oranges & a touch alcohol

Flavor: Refreshingly tart & lively on the front of the tongue, vinous & red berry notes mixed with a touch of sweetness from the wheat malt. 

Finish: Dry long lasting finish with vinous & red berry notes.

Baladin Noel Zymatore Aged in Owl Whiskey Barrels #120 (A) #273 (B)

Italy            8oz /%                 $7.75

Filled in single Belgian Owl barrel batches. Batch B has quite a bit more acidity & tartness than A. 

Appearance: Dark brown leather with an off white head.

Aroma: Batch A has more whisky and port like notes while B has more sour & vinous notes.

Flavor: Batch A has quite a bit of whisky influence along with flavors of dark chocolate and a bit of sourness. Batch B has much more acidity & tartness. The whisky influence is not as great as with Batch A. 

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