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Visit to Cantillon!

While in Belgium we stopped by Cantillon to see their brewing process. We have visited before, but never while they were brewing! They only brew in the winter when the temperatures are ideal for wild fermentation. It was amazing to see them fill their koelschip, so steamy and delicious smelling!

IMG_20180206_132309spent grain

IMG_20180206_132349spent grain being emptied into the back of a truck IMG_20180206_133522 IMG_20180206_141655 Mash kettle still being cleaned outIMG_20180206_141703 IMG_20180206_141756 IMG_20180206_141817 IMG_20180206_142012 IMG_20180206_142023

lovely environment for yeast!

IMG_20180206_142027 IMG_20180206_145813 IMG_20180206_150037 This is the koelschip filling up with hot wort! IMG_20180206_150117 IMG_20180206_150246 IMG_20180206_150252

Look how steamy it get in there!

IMG_20180206_150314 IMG_20180206_150318 IMG_20180206_150419 IMG_20180206_150421 IMG_20180206_150424

Thanks for Jean Van-Roy as always for making such amazing beer!

And special thanks Danielle for an awesome tour!


Brewing our 10th Anniversary Beer!

Ten years!?! Can you believe it? Well we aren’t quite there yet, but we are already preparing for the festivities! Verzet was kind enough to collaborate on our 10th Anniversary Brew and they pulled out all the stops to make an east flemish oud bruin with wild fermentation! Check out some of the pictures!IMG_20180207_211023 IMG_20180207_160319 IMG_20180207_133758 IMG_20180207_153350 IMG_20180207_160327 IMG_20180207_094801 IMG_20180207_105151 IMG_20180207_133632

Why The Porter is not going to have Founders CBS this year

Founders CBS is being released this year. The last time it came out we tapped it on Christmas and we had a line out the door at 5pm when we opened. The keg was gone in an hour and it was a very merry Christmas. This year we will not be buying CBS and this is why.

For the first seven years of existence The Porter was governed by the simple rule of we don’t sell what we don’t like. The “we” was Nick and I. Sometimes we disagreed and we picked up a beer only to drop it a few months later. Sometimes a bartender made an impassioned argument for a particular favorite and so we allowed it. It was an emotional not a logical system, but it ruled out Budweiser, Miller Lite, and PBR, which set us apart from our neighboring bars in Little Five Points.

For years the murkiness within the beer industry grew and we continued to carry what we liked for the most part. When Ballast Point sold to Constellation in 2015 we dropped our Sculpin draft line and started carrying it only in cans. Despite the fact we still liked the beer we didn’t feel like Ballast Point needed us in the way a smaller independent brewery needed bars like The Porter to hand sell and promote their beers.

We were a little guy; we wanted to help the little guys. We still only wanted to carry high quality beers we loved, but if we could also promote breweries that might still need our help it was a win-win. This was the beginning the shift for us. It wasn’t until Wicked Weed sold to AB-InBev in may 2017 that we realized we needed to draw a clear line in the sand.

Wicked Weed is a great brewery. We loved their beer; we had planned a beer dinner with them and a collaboration beer with them for 2017. We carried over thirty of their bottles and put almost every seasonal of theirs on draft. When they sold it felt like a betrayal.

I understand all the wonderful reasons for working hard for years and selling your business when the opportunity arises. It’s the American dream and I do not fault anyone who takes that road. But when a multi billion-dollar company now owns you, you no longer need a single bar in Atlanta Georgia to champion your beer. While the tiny brewpub in Cumming may still need The Porter to spread the word of great craft beer in the middle of nowhere (looking at you, Cherry Street!)

And so in May 2017 we decided we needed a very clear definition of what breweries were craft. We chose to follow the Craft Brewer’s Association definition, which gives a limit of barrels brewed along with several rules for ownership, one of which is that the brewery must be under 25% owned by any non-craft brewery.

Apparently we are in good company, here is a link to an article about bars in DC that have chosen to stop serving Non Craft beer.

Founders is not craft because San Miguel owns 30%. Avery also just sold 30% to San Miguel. Terrapin is over 50% owned by Miller Coors. Goose Island is 100% owned by In-Bev. The list goes on and on, but for clarification I have included a list of breweries we have dropped since May. We might still have a few bottles lingering, but we have not purchased their beer since then.

Wicked Weed


Ballast Point




Bosteels (Triple Karmeliet, Kwak)


The good news for our customers is there is a ton of true craft beer out there. We have not felt hampered by this limitation to our selection of delicious beers. In fact we will be a tapping Prairie Bourbon Barrel Aged Paradise on Christmas along with Vanilla Noir, Coffee Noir and regular Noir, so come see us for a merry craft Christmas!

Thank you for reading.



Zwanze Day Plans!

We are humbled and honored to have been chosen as the first bar in Georgia to participate in Zwanze Day. Zwanze means “to kid”or “to play around” in Flemish. The Zwanze celebration was created by Jean Van-Roy of Cantillon to be able to make a fun non-traditional lambic flavor as well as to share his love of lambics. In the spirit of fun and lambic appreciation we are attempting to have a casual Zwanze day where hopefully the most people possible get to drink and enjoy the amazing lambics from Cantillon.

On September 23rd, the first 100 guests in the door when we open at 11am will be able to purchase a Zwanze ticket, this guarantees you a 6oz pour of Zwanze beer and a commemorative glass. Once you have purchased your ticket you can choose to stay and grab a coveted seat and drink delicious lambics all afternoon or you may leave. If you leave you are not guaranteed a seat upon your return you will be asked to line up outside and upon receiving your Zwanze you may enjoy it on our patio if there is no space inside.

As long as you are here at 3pm for the tapping of the Zwanze keg, and you have your ticket, you will receive your pour. IF YOU ARE NOT HERE AT 3PM WE WILL NOT HOLD YOUR POUR OF ZWANZE! Also No Ticket, No Zwanze.

After those 100 guests are served, we will allow orders to be taken for the limited amount of Zwanze left in the keg, these will be on a first order, first served basis.

The following Cantillon Kegs will be tapped through out the day for any guest to enjoy a la carte:

12pm Cantillon Gueze

1:30pm Vigneronne

5pm Cuvee St. Gilloise

7pm St. Lamvinus

8pm: Cantillon Rose De Gambrinus

Nat will be tapped at some point during the day, but you’ll just have to be here to find out when!

Shelton Line Up Updated!

Events for Shelton Fest Week!

We will update further once we have the beers!

Monday August 14th–Carolina Baurnhaus Launch

Tuesday August 15th–Brewski Tap Takeover

Wednesday August 16th–Greenbench w/ Ciders and Meads from Shelton!

Thursday August 17th: Farmhouse as Fuck w/ beers from St. Somewhere, Blackberry Farm, Fantome, Jester King, Fonta Flora, Burial, 8 Wired, Cloudwater, 7th Sun, Stillwater and many more!

Friday August 18th: Session 1.5, the after session with amazing tapping all night long from breweries featured at The Festival!

Saturday August 19th: Session 3, more fabulous beers and breweries from The Festival!

Sunday: Southeaster Showcase****: come drink the best of our locals! Creature Comforts, Coppertail, Green Bench, Burial, Fonta Flora, Hourglass, Torched Hop, Wrecking Bar, Three Taverns and more!



Looking Forward to Shelton Fest!

In case you didn’t hear the awesome news, The Shelton Brothers are bringing their fabulous Festival to Atlanta this August! It will be August 18th and 19th and we will be hosting amazing events all weekend!
Here’s the line up so far:
Thursday August 17t: Farmhouse as Fuck w/ beers from St. Somewhere, Blackberry Farm, Fantome, Jester King, Fonta Flora, Burial, 8 Wired, Cloudwater, 7th Sun, Stillwater and many more!
Friday August 18th: Session 1.5, the after session with amazing tapping all night long from breweries featured at The Festival!
Saturday August 19th: Session 3, more fabulous beers and breweries from The Festival!
Sunday: Southeaster Showcase****: come drink the best of our locals! Creature Comforts, Coppertail, Green Bench, Burial, Fonta Flora, Hourglass, Torched Hop, Wrecking Bar, Three Taverns and more!

****Please note we can not serve until 12:30pm due to Georgia State Law.
For the tap takeovers on Thursday and Sunday we will have everything on draft when we open, on Friday and Saturday, special things (Cantillon) will be tapped at special times so stay tuned for updates as we finalize the awesomeness!

American Craft Beer Week is Just Around the Corner!

Monday May 15th : Verzet vs. Three Taverns

Tuesday May 16th:  Burial Mini Beer Dinner

Tickets are $65 at

To Start: Burial Terrestrial Paradise Brett Saison 2016

1st Course: Charred Cucumber w/ tapioca, fermented cucumber juice, lemon balm

paired w/ Garden of Earthly Delights 2016

2nd Course: Foie Gras Torchon w/ pickled green strawberry

paired w/ Fall of the Damned Sour Red Ale

3rd Course: Scallop w/carrot, lemongrass

paired w/ Garden of Earthly Delights 2017

Dessert: Chocolate & Chestnut

Ulfberht Oak Aged Baltic Porter 2016

Wednesday May 17th:  is Wicked Weed and Friends Collaboration Tap Takeover, featuring Lost Toys #1 and #2, Happy Blending, Metatropics along with awesome beers from Burial & Creature Comforts on draft. We have also been promised bottles of Red Atrial!

Thursday May 18th: is a massive Allagash Tap Takeover with 8 Beers never before in Georgia!

Friday May 19th:  is all Prairie all day, with over 20 prairie beers on draft including Apricot Funk, Barrel Aged Bible Belt and Paradise!

Presenting The Porter’s Patio!

Every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm-9pm The Porter will have a ten table patio in Findley Plaza!
Drink delicious beers and eat fabulous food while watching Little Five Arts Alive Performances!


**Patio may close if there is inclement weather, so cross your fingers for sun!

The Porter Re-Brands as South of The Porter

IMG_20170323_113857 (1)

Press Release

The Porter Beer Bar is rebranding as South of The Porter as of this Saturday.

“We didn’t feel there was enough tex mex and Mexican food in the Little Five Points/Inman Park area,” says Chef and Co-Owner Nick Rutherford.

“Yes,” agreed Co-Owner Molly Gunn ”Between El Myr, Tijuana Garage, El Bandito, Super Rica, Pure Taqueria, Bar Taco, and Willy’s in Edgewood, we just didn’t think there was enough chips and salsa to go around.”

South of The Porter will feature a full menu of tacos, burritos, chips and dips. In addition, we can expect to see Nick put his own fine dining twist on classics like Rice and Beans inspired by Alinea served tableside in a corn tortilla piñata.

South of The Porter will also feature the finest selection of Mexican craft beer (Ballast Point)

Please join us this Saturday for a melted cheese dip fountain, mariachi bands and lime, in literally everything. Ay Caramba!


New Menu as of Saturday, April 1st 2017!

South of The Porter Menu


Burn your Butt Chips n’ Salsa

No description required

Alinea Inspired Rice n’ Beans

Corn Tortilla Piñata filled w/ Rice and Beans, served tableside

Macho Nachos

chips, refried beans, spicy pork, savage sauce


Our vegan quesadilla, packed full of mushrooms, broccoli, rice, bell peppers, red onions and spinach

Price Gouging

 err, we mean Guacamole w/ chips…….$$$



Taco Sampler Basket Featuring four of our best selling tacos : Cabo Fried Fish taco,  Philly Crunch taco , Baja Grilled Fish taco and Carne Asada taco.   Served with black beans and Mexican rice, or Tots  14.99

Slow Roasted Pulled Chicken Our slow-roasted chicken, green & red salsa, cilantro, sour cream

Cabo Fried Fish  Our number one seller!   Crisp, lightly battered, Mexican slaw, chipotle aioli

Baja Grilled Fish Taco  Grilled grouper, Mexican slaw,  chipotle aioli

Diablo Fried Shrimp Fried shrimp lightly tossed with our house Buffalo sauce over shredded lettuce   West Texas Shrimp Fried shrimp, jalapeno tartar sauce, shredded lettuce

Playa del Carmen Blackened Gulf shrimp, pico de gallo, crisp Mexican jicima slaw, chipotle aioli

Fajita Steak Grilled fajita steak, peppers, onions, cilantro sour cream, crisp shredded lettuce

Buffalo Roasted Chicken In-house slow roasted bbq chicken, lightly tossed with Buffalo style hot sauce, jalapeno ranch, shredded lettuce

Fried Chicken Club Tender fried chicken, diced apple-wood bacon, shredded lettuce, fresh pico de gallo, chipotle mayo   Buffalo Chicken Tender fried chicken tossed in Buffalo hot sauce, jalapeno ranch, shredded lettuce

BBQ Chicken BBQ chicken, apple-wood bacon, slaw, tangy yellow belly  BBQ sauce

Fajita Chicken Crunch Grilled fajita chicken, peppers, onions, cilantro sour cream &  lettuce  all wrapped in a soft tortilla wrapped with a hard tortilla shell


EL LOPEZ  two cheese enchiladas, guacamole salad, crispy beef taco, chili con queso puff

MESQUITE GRILLED QUAIL served with two pork tamales smothered with chili con carne and cheese

HAMBURGUESA SUPERICA 8 oz. burger, American cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, Frito pie with chili con carne and sour cream

Welcome to The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta’s premier beer bar located in the heart of Little 5 Points. With an extensive menu of over 430 beers, there is ample reason for beer lovers to keep coming back! Voted Best Bar Food by Creative Loafing, The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of excellent beers, and excellent food as well. Rated highly by BeerAdvocate, Draft Magazine, The Porter Beer Bar has earned recognition among beer enthusiasts nationwide.
The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of special events from beer tastings and festivals, to classes and themed dinners. In addition to its exceptional beer menu, the Porter Beer Bar showcases a full cocktail menu, along with many unique wine, whiskey and liqueur options. The Porter Beer Bar serves lunch and dinner every day, as well as a special Sunday “Hair of the Dog” Brunch menu. Specials are updated daily!