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6th Anniversary Saturday Sept 6th!

Always an awesome time, Saturday we will be celebrating 6 years!
Stay tuned for fun pictures of that day!

#5 Bar in Atlanta

According to Atlanta Magazine, we are #5 in Atlanta!


Portland vs. Atlanta

So Nick and I recently had the luxury of visiting Portland, Oregon for a week. I had only heard of this legendary beer city before, this was my first visit. Here is my list of super cool things about Portland’s beer scene.

IMG_5745 IMG_5426 IMG_5467 IMG_5251

1. Breweries can sell directly to the customer. So you can drink delish beer at Hair of the Dog, Cascade or Deschutes and then walk out with a bottle to enjoy later.

2. Bars are not required to serve food. This allows them to focus simply on awesome beer.

3. You can bicycle to most places in the city! That means way less risk of people drinking and driving.

If Atlanta’s law’s and streets were to change a bit we too could be a beer city just as awesome as Portland. After all with Orpheus opening just off the Beltline and more awesome breweries on the way, before you know it there will be a brewery in everyone’s hood!

PS. If you’re pinball wizard like me, check out Ground Kontrol in the Pearl District of Portland, one of the most epic selections of pinball games! Come on Joystick, take it up a notch!

The Porter is on the Golf Channel!

Check it out! We are a favorite spot of PGA golfer Roberto Castro!

The Porter announces Squurtz, a food on draft concept!

Nick Rutherford is branching from The Porter Beer Bar into a quick casual concept called Squurtz. Squurtz, which will be opening in July 2014 at 650 Bishop St on the Westside, is a food on draft concept. “Juice bars are just so in right now” says Nick Rutherford, “I felt food on draft was the next logical step.”

Menu items will include: Fried Chicken Puree, Beef Stroganoff Slurp, Brisket Slurry, Meatloaf Mushy, For an extra $1 you can have your Squurt topped with gravy.

“We are currently working with a designer for the 2 compartment cups that all food items will be served in with combining straws.” said Nick. “The concept is the dinner items are best combined with one other item such as a drink like southern style sweet tea, or something more substantial like suckable potatoes or liquid rice-a-roni.”

Joining Nick on Squurtz team is Grant Fieri (no relation to Guy). Grant will be the Prime Operations Official President or P.O.O.P. Grant’s previous experience includes working at Jamba Juice and .  Nick Rutherford worked at Seeger’s, a five star restaurant In Buckhead before opening The Porter Beer Bar in 2008. “I think Squurtz will really bring me back to my roots in fine dining I mean the technology required and the flavors available to put on draft are limitless”

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The Porter is for Hipsters?

According to USA today:


Check it out!

Listed with the Varsity!

Now we know we are an institution when you’re on the same page as The Varsity!


Goodbye Dale, Hello La Calavera!

It’s with a heavy heart that we say good bye to Dale Ralston, who had been with us through thick and thin for the last five and half years! Dale started as a server in September 2008  and became a manager after 3 months. She has kept our spirits high and our sides hurting with her fabulous sense of humor. She is the artist behind our chalkboards and email newsletters. Dale will be greatly missed at The Porter Beer Bar.

The only thing keeping us from crying is that Dale is leaving to open her very own awesome bakery called La Calavera with her husband, Eric Arillo.  It will be at 747 East College Avenue near Avondale in Decatur! They are shooting to open in March, but keep upto date with their fabulous website:

Dale and Eric (who is also the baker) have been selling bread at local farmers markets for two years now and are ready to get serious with their very own storefront. We wish them the best of luck!



Draft Magazine’s Top 100 Beer Bars!

We made the list again!



Where the Wild Beers Are!

“Where the Wild Beers Are” is our January tradition. Every Friday in January we have a tap takeover with a theme. At least one week is WILD beers! Wilds beers are made with wild yeasts and are funky, sour and saison-y. This year we are kicking off with two fridays Jan 3rd & Jan 10th with Wild Beers!
Jan 17th is Terrapin vs. Yeti. Favorites like Terrapin White Chocolate Yoo Hoo and Cinnamon Roll WakenBake will go up against amazing Yetis like Chocolate Yeti, Oak Aged Yeti and Espresso Yeti.
Jan 24th will be an IPA themed tap takeover, so hopheads unite!
Below is our line-up for Jan 3rd:
St. Louis Gueze Fond Tradition 2012 Belgium 8oz/ 5% $6.00
sour and tart with green apple and vinegar
Timmerman’s Pumpkin Belgium 8oz/4% $6.25
tart lambic, dry pumpkin flavor, subtle brown sugar, festive and unique
Hitachino Sour Anbai Japan 8oz/7% $6.50
Anbai means salty plum and that exactly what you get in this lightly tart, wheat beer
Anderson Valley Gose California 8oz/4.8% $
Salty, orange, coriander, lovely tartness brings this Gose to life
Bruery Oude Tart California 8oz/7.5% $8.25
oak, sour plum, vanilla, tart red wine flavors
New Holland Incorrigible Michigan 16oz/4.9% $6.50
Berlinner weisse, sour grapes, apple cider cinegar, funk and must, oak
Abbaye de Bon Chien Zymatore Switzerland 8oz/11% $8.00
Semi-sweet with an acidic, vinegar-like twang, funky with a dry and oaky finish; moderately sour with a touch of alcohol warmth
Rodenbach Grand Cru Belgium 8oz/6% $7.00
Sour with sharp acetic notes, dark sour cherries followed by light sweet malt, red wine oaky tannins
Wild Beer Co. Bliss England 8oz/6% $6.00
Dark saison w/ roasted fruit, apricot and yeasty funk
Ichtegem Grand Cru Belgium 8oz/6.5% $6.50
surprisingly moderate tart cherry and oak character, caramel and candy sugar backbone
Bruery Tart of Darkness California 8oz/5.6% $8.50
sour cherry and apple, dark roasted malts, oak and balsamic vinegar notes

Welcome to The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta’s premier beer bar located in the heart of Little 5 Points. With an extensive menu of over 430 beers, there is ample reason for beer lovers to keep coming back! Voted Best Bar Food by Creative Loafing, The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of excellent beers, and excellent food as well. Rated highly by BeerAdvocate, Draft Magazine, The Porter Beer Bar has earned recognition among beer enthusiasts nationwide.
The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of special events from beer tastings and festivals, to classes and themed dinners. In addition to its exceptional beer menu, the Porter Beer Bar showcases a full cocktail menu, along with many unique wine, whiskey and liqueur options. The Porter Beer Bar serves lunch and dinner every day, as well as a special Sunday “Hair of the Dog” Brunch menu. Specials are updated daily!