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Try, Try again

As in most businesses, resting on your laurels is not an option in the restaurant industry. One of the challenges of constantly trying to improve is that it can be exhausting! Which is why it is incredibly important to take vacations as a business owner. Even if the vacation had nothing to do with beer, Nick and I always come back refreshed and full of new ideas and resolutions. Nick and I got back from a family vacation to Hawaii 2 weeks ago and since then we have been working on a bunch of projects to improve The Porter. I have been cross training in the kitchen a few hours a week (something I’ve been saying I was going to do for years now, but never found the time) and Nick has been working on finding something to give our awesome customers on our four year anniversary. We both have been working on a new organization system for glassware and the walk-in kitchen cooler. Sometimes you think you’ve gotten to the bottom of a problem and 6 months later you have to start again. When you are tackling a problem for a 2nd or 3rd time, it reminds you that employees need constant, gentle reminders of your expectations. It’s not enough to waltz in, point out what’s wrong and waltz out, you have to let you’re employees know they are improving, or they did a great job. The second you stop paying attention is when the problem will start creeping back! Which is why, once again I am reminded why I don’t need kids, my restaurant is a 24 hour a day job enough of the time!

April Video Blog

Hear all about the new beers and upcoming events!

Event Update via Video Blog

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Event Update!

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Firkin February!

Every Friday in February we are tapping an awesome firkin!

February 3rd: Mojo from Boulder Brewing Company
February 10th: Old Chub from Oskar Blues
February 17th: Moo-hoo from Terrapin
February 24th: Siren Noire from Heavy Seas

So come out and drink some delish cask beer this February!

Where the Wild Beers Are Week 3

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Video Blog 4 on Where the Wild Beers Are

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New Years Video Blog

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Video Blog #2

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Video Blog Debut!

Hey Y’all!
I have no officially entered the 21st century with a video blog for The Porter Beer Bar. Below is a link, I will try and update it bi-monthly to start! So feel free to check it out, and remember this is only the first one, they’ll get better I swear!

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Welcome to The Porter Beer Bar, Atlanta’s premier beer bar located in the heart of Little 5 Points. With an extensive menu of over 430 beers, there is ample reason for beer lovers to keep coming back! Voted Best Bar Food by Creative Loafing, The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of excellent beers, and excellent food as well. Rated highly by BeerAdvocate, Draft Magazine, The Porter Beer Bar has earned recognition among beer enthusiasts nationwide.
The Porter Beer Bar offers a variety of special events from beer tastings and festivals, to classes and themed dinners. In addition to its exceptional beer menu, the Porter Beer Bar showcases a full cocktail menu, along with many unique wine, whiskey and liqueur options. The Porter Beer Bar serves lunch and dinner every day, as well as a special Sunday “Hair of the Dog” Brunch menu. Specials are updated daily!