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Collaboration is so Dericious!

Many breweries make collaboration beers (Terrapin and Left Hand’s Midnight Projects, Or Collaboration not Litigation by Avery and Russian River just to name a few) but food is also delicious when it comes from the minds of many talented chefs!

Hannah Chung has been working at The Porter for over a year now as a cook. But Hannah aspires to own her own food truck in Atlanta called Derish. Derish should open sometime this summer 2011! We are super excited for Hannah and we are helping her recipe test her Korean BBQ sandwiches for her truck!

Right now we have her Korean Chicken Sandwich on the specials menu which is “Kam poong Gi” style chicken served with  pickled dikon and cilantro. Now what is Kam poong Gi, you may ask? Well it’s like Tex Mex, an interpretation of one culture’s cuisine within another culture. Kam pong Gi originates from Chinese settlers who came to Korea and brought Chinese food, of course over time it became re-interpreted for Korean tastes.

I know, it sounds complicated, but it’s Dericious! We’ll let you know when Derish opens!



South Park Chicken

“Schitty” Teriyaki Chicken Tenders

Tempura chicken, dehydrated pineapple

Not only is this special funny, but it’s delicious! Who knew  “Schitty” chicken could be soooo good?

Why Fusion is a four letter word, but it tastes so good….

About 15 years ago fusion was a popular concept in the food world. (The word eclectic was also overused as a concept during this time, but we’ll cover that another day in food history). We saw a lot of fusion resturants pop up serving raw tuna and wasabi on pizza and other equally gross combinations of east and west. Very few restaurants did fusion well and therefore before we knew it, all we wanted was pure. Pure Japanese, pure Korean, pure Mexican, pure Thai, no fusion please! Just leave my f__ing food alone!

But times have changed and just like the 80s are back in style, I’m willing to try fusion again. Dan Brown, our Sous Chef  who used to work for Jean Georges at Spice Market, is bringing fusion back at The Porter in a big way. One of the best examples of Dan’s brilliant mix of east and west is Lamb Vindaloo Ravioli with tomato broth, watermelon radish, crispy smoked potatoes. Lamb Vindaloo is clearly Indian, Ravioli is Italian, tomato broth and watermelon radish are European, but crispy smoked potatoes? Those must be American.

It’s a fabulous dish, balancing salty, smokey, spicey, sweet, the familiar and the exotic. (I know, because I ate it for lunch today. Jealous? Get your butt to The Porter asap!)

Lamb Vindaloo Ravioli

Workin’ on a Cookbook

Rejoice Porter fans! Nick is working on a cookbook with all the Porter goodness inside! It will include basic recipes from the regular menu, as well as all your favorite specials! But make sure you have a gram scale before attempting these recipes at home! Nick’s measurements are very precise! We will keep you updated on it’s release!



Slow Cooking makes for tasty treats!

36 Hour Short Rib

Burrr! Now that fall has quickly faded to winter here in Atlanta, it’s time to think about all that comforting winter food. Nick is brilliant with slow cooked meats, and likes to keep them seasonal. Pulled Pork in the summer for BBQ, Pot Roast in the fall, then Brisket Stroganoff and now the Short Ribs! There is nothing more comforting than Nick’s 36 Hour Short Ribs. Right now he’s marinating it in a Korean marinade and serving it up with plum wine braised cabbage and granny smith apples! Yum!

Autumn Planting Update

We are currently planting on the farm for the winter harvest! We have just put into the ground: radishes, arugula, kale, carrots, upcrest, tatsoi, red mustard and all kinds of lettuces! Yum! Sounds like the Porter has some delicious salads in it’s future!

Meet a Farmer

Our steak tartare and hanger steak always come from Painted Hills Farm in Fossil, Oregon. The cows are fed 100% vegetarian diet, and are raised with no hormones or antibiotics in their feed. We use the hanger steak cut because it is lean and flavorful, which best reflects Painted Hills’ all-natural philosophy. Painted Hills was started by seven rancher families who wanted to offer something better than your average beef.

Learn more about Painted Hills and visit us to taste the difference!

Tomato Mania!

One of the best things about living in the south is our wide use of delicious tomatoes. Currently 100% of the heirloom tomatoes at The Porter are from our garden in Inman Park! And we have made good use of them! We have made green tomato jam and we have The Porter’s BLT with garden basil mayo, and of course the mouth-watering tomato salad with tomato mousse!

Toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe… either way, you’ll want to get your fill of these gems while they’re in season.

A Rare Southern Treat: Scuppernongs

Fall is in the air and scuppernongs are in season! These delicious thick-skinned green grape like fruits, are sweet and fragrant. Though we are getting a handful from The Porter’s Garden, we are mostly getting our suppernongs from Farmer Jeff just outside Atlanta. Currently they are featured on our house smoked trout sandwich and in an arugula salad.

Stop by to enjoy this rare treat before it is gone for the year!

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