Bone Marrow

Bone Marrow has been on and off the Porter’s special’s menu for a few weeks now. Bone marrow is the tasty center of large leg bone of cows. For most Americans, bone marrow is not a daily food, and often gets grouped with offal (stomach, brains, heart and liver). But bone marrow is traditional in many food cultures. For example bone marrow is used in making the delicious broth for pho soup in Vietnam. In Europe in the middle ages bones marrow was added to soups and stews to gussy them up for royalty. Bone Marrow add both flavor and body to soups because of the gelatin and fat naturally in bone marrow.

The current bone marrow on The Porter’s menu was inspired by the bone marrow at St. John, Fergis Henderson’s London restaurant.

Our description:

Brasstown Bone Marrow St. John Style

parsley red onion salad, grilled bread

To learn more about St. John and their bone marrow check out their website:

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