Dine n’ Dash

Sometimes I feel like I have created the perfect meal, even though I didn’t do any of the cooking at all! I eat a lot at The Porter and I am always grateful to my husband Nick and his awesome sous chef Dan for the amazing ever changing specials.  I never get bored of eating at The Porter. Today the sun was out, but there was still a chill in the air, and I only had a few minutes to eat. So I chose Farmer Jeff’s Salad and the Spring Pea Arancini. The salad was delish in a buttermilk dressing with bacon bits and Elm Street Garden turnips. The arancini ( deep fried spring pea risotto balls) were paired with a new cheese from Flat Creek Lodge called Little Martha which is a single cream and therefore smooth, creamy and whippable. The Little Martha was whipped with olive oil and served as a rich sauce to dip the hot arancini in! Amazing! If I had time to add a beer something like Allagash White or Hitachino White would have been perfect.

Happy Eating!

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