Goodbye to Brad

Brad, one of our fabulous sous chefs is  leaving and in his honor we will talk about some of the tasty specials Brad brought to The Porter.

Brad is leaving to open his own fusion taco truck in Austin, Texas, where it is much easier to run a food truck than in Atlanta! (Don’t even get me started on that mess!)

Brad brought us many Cuban, island,  Central American influenced dishes such as Mofungo, a Puerto Rican Chicken Stew served over plaintains!

Or my personal favorite: Steak Tartare with Salsa Verde and freshly made tortilla chips, yum!

Brad also fought hard with Nick to put more chicken on the menu (in case you didn’t know, Nick is not a big fan of the Clucker)

So enjoy this week’s Springer Mountain Chicken while you can!

And Good Luck Brad! We’ll miss you!

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