Inspiration at Peter Chang’s

This Sunday Nick and I, along with some friends, went to Peter Chang’s. In case you didn’t know, Peter Chang is a fabulous Schezwan style chef, who changes restaurants as often as most of us change our clothes (see below for a fabulous article by Calvin Trillin on Peter Chang)

We ate like kings: fried pork belly, eggplant fries, lamb cooked with peppers, mushrooms in a red almost curry, crunchy duck, a beef that was like sweet and numbing beef jerky. Everything was so good, I couldn’t wait to eat the specials this week!

Why you might ask?

Because weather Nick enjoys his food or not, he is generally inspired to make a version of something for the specials menu. Usually Nick snarls, I could make this better….and he does. But sometimes he thinks, this is so good, I’ll make my own version and be able to eat it for a week.

Alas, alack, though, with the snow, came no deliveries, and thus no new specials. So look for Chinese inspired goodness late in the week, so we can all dine like kings!

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  1. Hebbe-Jay says:

    Reading about the pork belly wontons and the eggplant app on the specials menu is enough to make me get out the snow shovel and unearth my car! Sounds delicious and hope you don’t run out before I get my car running.

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