Meet a Farmer

Our steak tartare and hanger steak always come from Painted Hills Farm in Fossil, Oregon. The cows are fed 100% vegetarian diet, and are raised with no hormones or antibiotics in their feed. We use the hanger steak cut because it is lean and flavorful, which best reflects Painted Hills’ all-natural philosophy. Painted Hills was started by seven rancher families who wanted to offer something better than your average beef.

Learn more about Painted Hills and visit us to taste the difference!

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  1. Rama N. Roy says:

    I was very happy to learn more about why you have selected beef from Painted Hills. I am not a vegetarian, but have pared down my meat consumption to next to nothing. I don’t like to eat meat if I don’t know its origin. It’s important to me that the animal is treated humanely and with respect. After looking through the Painted Hills web site, it is clear that they operate with extremely high ethical guidelines. Thank you for your conscientious approach to your meat selections.

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