Snack Time

As a person, who’s usually running around insanely and barely getting to taste my food, let alone enjoy it, when I do get a chance to enjoy my food I will frequently snack my way through dinner. A little nibble, a drink, a nibble, yum yum! So here’s two of my favorite snacky things on the specials menu (there are lots of favorite snacky things on the regular menu salt and vinegar popcorn anyone?)

The Green Dip

mustard greens, swiss chard, collards, Flat Creek Lodge Little Martha, aged white cheddar, grilled bread

P.B.L.T. Slider

Brasstown pork belly, basil mayo, field lettuce, tomato, fries

Roasted Asparagus

Banyuls vinegar hollandaise, poached egg, bacon

I want a snack RIGHT NOW!

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