Something Old, Something New

Many of your might remember, when we first opened we used to have Brandade on the menu. Brandade is salt cod with whipped potatoes, it is salty, full of fish flavor and totally addictive. It’s traditionally a french countryside dish and now it’s back on the specials menu!

The something new is the  Ginger Carrot soup with lavender oil, candied ginger and coconut! It’s as good as it sounds and perfect for this rainy weather!

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  1. Bridget says:

    WOW! Both of these were fantastic. I loved the brandade the best. Thank you for doing the seasonal, rotating, local menus- they are my favorite in atlanta. Because they are so reasonably priced and you can get a great draft beer as well, this is my current favorite place in atlanta! Not to mention all the homeless entertainment to be had when sitting outside.

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