Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

Nick loves Tacos, so much so he once suggested to me that he wanted to open a place called Taco, Tacos, Tacos after the joint in the TV show Reno 911. Then Nick suggested they all have dirty names and then I said no. But tacos turn up on the Porter’s menu every so often and they are always delicious! Sometimes they are traditional like the lengua one Nick did in August, the pulled pork has been really popular during past summers, but the crazy ones are my favorite. This week’s taco is defintely a walk on the wild side : It’s Pork Belly done in the Korean bbq style, topped with kimchi spiced bean sprouts, cilantro, spicy jalapeno and sweet Asian pear. If you take a bite with all the elements and shut your eyes the balance of spicy, sweet, hot, cold, crunchy, soft, is perfect.

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