Workin’ on a Cookbook

Rejoice Porter fans! Nick is working on a cookbook with all the Porter goodness inside! It will include basic recipes from the regular menu, as well as all your favorite specials! But make sure you have a gram scale before attempting these recipes at home! Nick’s measurements are very precise! We will keep you updated on it’s release!



3 Responses to Workin’ on a Cookbook

  1. noah says:

    sounds awesome. i hope it includes beer pairings!

  2. Kevin says:

    Great idea on the beer pairings! I’d be pretty interested in this book. I’d love to have it include a section on the history of the Porter, how it came to be, etc. Oh, and lots of awesome photos.

  3. Josh O says:

    I am stoked to hear this, I know a drive my out of town friends crazy talking about all the great food at The Porter, now I can send them a cookbook with the recipes.

    P.S. Just now realized you guys had this blog, love the idea and look forward to seeing more information on the blog!

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