Spring Beers

Spring is crazy in Atlanta, beautiful one day with warm sun, and freezing rain the next. The wild weather can make it hard to choose a beer! On warm days I love Belgian Style Whites, like Wittekerke, Allagash White and Bruery Orchard White. They are crisp clean, sessionable and perfect for drinking on the patio.

On those cooler spring days something a little darker is perfect like a Dunkelweisen, right now we have Franziskaner and New Belgium’s Dunkelweisen on draft! Amber brown, with banana notes, these toasted wheat beers are perfect for watching the rain from your cozy spot at the bar!

Once summer gets here, I mainly stick to sour beers as I try to cool down, especially berlinner wesees, because with their low alcohol content they can help replace all the water you sweated out while walking to The Porter!

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