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The Porter is in Philly Beer Scene Magazine

Check it out!

The spread is all Porter photos (excellent!), and found on pages 44 & 45.

Evil Twin & Westbrook Beer Dinner, June 4th, 7pm

Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø (Evil Twin) & Edward Westbrook (Westrbook Brewing) will be attending this exclusive event. This is a once in a lifetime event, that you will not want to miss.

Evil Twin & Westbrook Beer Dinner

June 4th, 7pm

Starter Beer: Evil Twin Low Life Pilsner (bottles)


Amuse bouché

Foie Gras Torchon

elderflower gelee, compressed pineapple, brioche croutons

Beer: Westbrook Berlinner Weisse Baby

& spent grain w/ honey butter, goat butter, whipped olive oil


1st course

Tomato salad

Beer: Evil Twin Ron and the Red Ryan (bottles)

(saison made with brett aged in Brunello barrels)


2nd course

Surf n Turf

Smoked pork check, shaved scallops, marrow celery root

Beer: Westbrook Apple Brandy Triple


Main Course (family style meat course)

Beer: Evil Twin Torst Front Room (bottles)

(barleywine aged in Malaga barrels)


Cheese Course

Ham mousse, puffed buckwheat, shaved cloth bound cheddar

Beer: Westbrook Bearded Farmer #3 Saison



Dark chocolate ganache Coconut custard Rum Carmel Chocolate sorbet coffee syrup

Beer: Evil Twin biscotti break and High West Rye Barrel Aged  Lil’ B


After dinner

Raspberry pate de fruits

Beer: Westbrook 100% Brett Wine Barrel Lichtenhainer

 ($95 per person plus tax and gratuity)

Please email Molly at if you are interested in joining us!

Terrapin Beer Dinner, May 14th, 7pm

Terrapin Beer Dinner
May 14th, Tuesday 7pm

Brian “Spike” Buckowski, Terapin’s Brewmaster and Co-Founder will be attending this exclusive dinner and speaking about the beers he selected.

Starter Beer: Mosiac Red rye
1st Course:
Citrus, honey tropical fruit Crudo w/ guava granita, cilantro, Serrano chili
2nd Course: Family Style Pork Loin w/ Seasonal veg
10th Anniversary
3rd Course: Cheese Course: Forme d’ambert
Gamma Ray
Dessert: Chocolate Caramel Ganache
Nogne Terrapin Rye Porter
After dinner: Barley Ryne w/ Pate de fruit

$80 per person, not including tax and gratuity
If you are interested in joining us, please email Molly at

Zymatore Series Comes to The Porter

This Friday we will tap 6 amazing Zymatore series kegs. These are beers from all over the world, imported by B. United and then barrel aged in an assortment of barrels!

Here are the names and descriptions of the rarities we will have on tap for the last Where the Wild Beers Are in 2013!

Qhilika Dry Mead Zymatore Aged in Merlot Barrels    4oz/%                   $4.75

Appearance: A deep yellow with a pinkish hue.
Aroma: Some acidity and tannins mingled with sweetness and honey.
Flavor: Notes of honey, citrus & flowers balanced by a beautiful acidity. A nice tannic structure from the wine barrel really balances out the mead.

Harviestoun Schiehallion Zymatore         England      8oz/%                   $6.00

Appearance: Hazy deep yellow in color with a nice white head.
Aroma: A touch of bourbon, some woodiness as well as some sourness.
Flavor: It is not too heavily influenced by the bourbon. Just a touch of it balanced out by some tartness. Quite refreshing.

Harviestoun Bitter n’ Twisted Zymatore England       8oz/%                   $6.00

Appearance: Hazy light orange in color.
Aroma: Juniper, citrus, orange peel and gin.
Flavor: Floral / herbal / plant like notes mixed with the juniper and a touch of hop & gin bitterness in the finish. It is nice a dry.

Hitachino Commemorative Zymatore      Japan         8oz/%                   $8.25

Hitachino Nest Commemorative Ale aged in CA Zinfandel barrels ( 1 Leonhardt Vineyards & 1 Todd Brothers Ranch )

Appearance: Hazy amber / reddish brown with an off white head the fades quickly.

Aroma: Earthy red grapes, with strawberries, oranges & a touch alcohol

Flavor: Refreshingly tart & lively on the front of the tongue, vinous & red berry notes mixed with a touch of sweetness from the wheat malt. 

Finish: Dry long lasting finish with vinous & red berry notes.

Baladin Noel Zymatore Aged in Owl Whiskey Barrels #120 (A) #273 (B)

Italy            8oz /%                 $7.75

Filled in single Belgian Owl barrel batches. Batch B has quite a bit more acidity & tartness than A. 

Appearance: Dark brown leather with an off white head.

Aroma: Batch A has more whisky and port like notes while B has more sour & vinous notes.

Flavor: Batch A has quite a bit of whisky influence along with flavors of dark chocolate and a bit of sourness. Batch B has much more acidity & tartness. The whisky influence is not as great as with Batch A. 

Check us out on The Layover!!

Totally Sweet! Anthony Bourdain came to Atlanta and told people to come to the Porter!

This is Molly giving hints and tips.

And here is The Porter featured on the website:

The whole episode isn’t online yet, but once it is we will link to it!

Goodbye to 2012

As the year comes to a close (or the world depending on who you talk to) I try to take the time to reflect on everything we got done this year. 2012 was a big one for us. We added a vintage list and the space to store all those delicious beers. We got a new draft system, new organizational system and a new lease on life. All the bottles are in one place now (thank god!) We gained two new managers: Welcome Todd Derickson, our beloved and much missed sous-chef (we can’t wait until January, come back sooner!) and Joe Bagnell, our new front of the house manager, hailing from New Jersey. All and all I can say 2012 was a good year for us. Looking forward into 2013, there are still a few more updates we’d like to make, but mostly be are going to enjoy how far we’ve come (and try and save some $$$) We hope to see you all during the next couple of weeks for some holiday cheer!

We will be open until 6pm on Christmas Eve and we will open at 5pm on Christmas day!
NYE 11:30am-2:30am
NEw Years Day 11am-4pm brunch, open until midnight.

Horse visiting The Porter on Derby Day

Thank you to Sarina for sending us this awesome photo of a horse who decided to skip the races and drink beer instead! Smart horse, huh?

Check out how our Beer Cellar Table was made!

Missisipi Wood Trader’s blog post about our table is pretty cool!
Click here to read it!

The Festival

Last weekend Nick and I attended “The Festival” put on by Shelton Brothers and Twelve Percent Imports, two major players in importing Scandanavian, Belgian and New Zealand Beers. Shelton Brothers also represents some domestic brands like Jolly Pumpkin, West County Ciders and Dieu de Ciel (Canada is almost domestic right?)

We definitely tried to cram too much into one day, but it was an amazing experience, we met so many cool brewers and tried beers we might never get to drink again.

So let’s start with the best of the best, shall we?

Cantillon. It’s mythical and magical beer for all sour beer drinkers. Cantillon’s brewery is in the middle of Brussels; they still open the roof to get the yeast to float in during fermentation. Due to rising demand Cantillon has become very hard to get in Georgia, so we were thrilled to reacquaint ourselves with this old friend. In the bottle they had Fou Foune, Zwanzi 2010, Gueze, Kriek, and Vigneronne. On draft they had the same unblended lambic aged in 4 different barrels, a real treat because you could see how different beers turn out based on the barrels alone.

Mikkel was late due to a cancelled flight, but showed up before the end of the 1st session. He spent most of the time trying other people’s beers, but seemed nice (he agreed to sign our limited edition posters we bought)

Evil Twin, the Bikini Sour was to die for, they also had Yin and Yang, and we got to meet Jeppe (Evil Twin himself) He was super nice and laid back.

By the way, they are identical twins in case you didn’t know, we got them mixed up quite a few times!

Other highlights: Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude (an all smoked malt beer, that tasted like latex and scotch) Yeastie Boys Tea Leaf IPA, delicate hope allow the tea flavor to come through in this beautiful IPA. West County Cider makes all kinds of ciders from the very dry Baldwin to the Macintosh sweet, I enjoyed them all, but preferred the slighty pink and quite dry Baldwin. Premium from Stillwater, deliciously crazy, apparently the PBR recipe with brett added, nicely sour. Bourbon Barrel Aged Rigor Mortis from Dieu de Ciel was perfect, coconutty, rich, toffee. Likewise a dark saison from Dieu de Ciel that was aged in pinot noir barrels was vinous, sour and highly drinkable. Nogne’s Collaboration with Terrapin (a rye porter of course!) was amazing, quite hoppy, chewy rye, simply delightful!

Cantillon at Armsby's Abbey

Mechanic's Hall

During the break we ate at Armsby Abbey, which was packed and pouring tons of amazing beers in honor of the fest. We drank Cantillon on draft and Pretty Thing’s American Darling.

As someone who doesn’t go to a lot of beer festivals because of the crowds and the lack of beer I’ve never tried, I highly recommend The Festival, though pricey and far away from Atlanta, it is totally worth it for true beer aficionados.

Hiring Slow and Fire Fast

We have been incredibly lucky at The Porter to have had a very low staff turn over since opening. So when we do lose someone, we try to be thoughtful and careful about whom we hire to fill the empty spot. Sometimes when you’re short staffed and feeling the pressure on the schedule, it can lead you to jump to conclusions and hire someone too fast who turns out to not be right, which is the worst! Disciplining and terminating employees is everyone’s least favorite management job. Currently for the front of the house, an applicant has to have two interviews with two different managers and then does a stage for a few hours. (Stage is when you work for free like a try-out, to see the applicant in action) Usually this narrows the crowd from the slackers to the truly dedicated, but some times hard work  and a love of beer is not enough. I’ve hired staff who simply were never going to be fast enough or multi-tasking enough to keep up with service at The Porter. There are certain things that are innate (like timing) which I can’t teach you. In that case, it’s time to fire fast. If it’s within the first 90 days, it’s as easy as saying “This isn’t a good fit.” any longer and I have to document the staff member’s failing and counsel them on improving and then document if they actually do improve! Whew, just thinking about the paperwork is making me tired. But that’s why you hire slow and fire fast!



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