Collaboration is so Dericious!

Many breweries make collaboration beers (Terrapin and Left Hand’s Midnight Projects, Or Collaboration not Litigation by Avery and Russian River just to name a few) but food is also delicious when it comes from the minds of many talented chefs!

Hannah Chung has been working at The Porter for over a year now as a cook. But Hannah aspires to own her own food truck in Atlanta called Derish. Derish should open sometime this summer 2011! We are super excited for Hannah and we are helping her recipe test her Korean BBQ sandwiches for her truck!

Right now we have her Korean Chicken Sandwich on the specials menu which is “Kam poong Gi” style chicken served with  pickled dikon and cilantro. Now what is Kam poong Gi, you may ask? Well it’s like Tex Mex, an interpretation of one culture’s cuisine within another culture. Kam pong Gi originates from Chinese settlers who came to Korea and brought Chinese food, of course over time it became re-interpreted for Korean tastes.

I know, it sounds complicated, but it’s Dericious! We’ll let you know when Derish opens!



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